Your Prospects get 3 full days from midnight of the day you invite them.

Your subscription renews monthly on or near the day of the month you subscribed. In the case you signed up after the 28th of the month, we will renew on the closest date to that date each month.

That is the furthest into the video a Prospect has viewed the Film.

This is the page your Prospects will see when they click on the emailed invite. They will be prompted to enter their firstname, lastname and phone number. First and Last name fields must be filled in by your prospect to watch the Film. Phone number is optional.

That is the date a Prospect first viewed the Film.

If the Prospect invitation expires without watching at least 10% (or 5 minutes) of the film, and that invitation is still active, not belonging to a prior month, then the invite is automatically recycled and you can invite another Prospect.

Every Subscriber gets 20 invites a month and can add 10 more at a time for $4.97. That's less than 50 cents an invite. There is no limit to the number of invites you can add in a month. The prior month's unused invites expire and do not roll over. Additional invites purchased by the Subscriber do not expire until one month after the end of the subscription month in which they were purchased. That way Subscribers are guaranteed at least a full month before their purchased invites expire.

Yes. Each month RiseMovie.com Subscribers get 20 new invites to use in that month. When more than 20 are needed, a Subscriber can add 10 more at a time for $4.97. That's less than 50 cents an invite. These additional invites do not expire.

Only last and first name are required to watch the Film on an invite. Some Prospects have not filled in the phone number field.

Duplication of the Film is strictly prohibited under the international copyright laws. Please respect Eric Worre and Go Pro Productions, LLC by not putting us in a position to enforce this.

The prospect can watch the film as much as they want during the three day Rental. We have set limits on the number of IP addresses and times the film can be watched, well above what a single recipient might need.

A Subscriber can watch the film as much as they want. We have set limits on the number of IP addresses and times the film can be watched, well above what a single Subscriber might need.

RiseMovie.com is a prospecting site for Subscribers. Those prospects are all yours and are not shared with or used by anyone else.

A Personal Invite is better in a number of ways. The Prospect's first name appears in the Personal Invite email salutation. The form your Prospect sees is pre-filled in. If you supply both the first and last name your Prospect can just click the Watch button to watch the Film. Use an Email Invite if you only have the Prospect's email address, or want to quickly send to a list of prospects by email without personalization.

No. Sharing your logins is not allowed.

Besides someone with you watching while you watch, no. We have set limits on the number of IP addresses and times the film can be watched, well above what a single recipient might need. The subscription price is set extremely low to make becoming a Subscriber and inviting Prospects an easy decision.

You can paste in the full URL of each social link starting with http://, or enter your account name. Be sure to test each link from the Preview Prospect Page.

Simply clear the social link from your Profile and click the Save button. Blank social links are not displayed on your Prospect Invite page.

In the Tracking section of the Invite Prospects page, click button in Action column against the Prospect you want to re-invite. In the popup, click Re-invite. This will load the Prospect into the Personal Invite form. Now you can update the invite then click the Re-Send or Re-Invite button under the Personal Invite form. If there is no first name you will need to enter it. Alternately, you can enter the email into the Email Invites text area and click the Send Email Invites button.

When you enter or update your credit card and billing information it is saved at a leading payment processor. RiseMovie.com does not itself store or even see you credit card information. Renewals are processed at the payment processor on a monthly basis.

First, we hope you don't. We have made RiseMovie.com a great resource for you and are adding features and content keeping RiseMovie.com an incredible value and tool for prospecting. But if you choose to cancel, your subscription will be set to not renew and will remain active until your monthly anniversary date. Any invitation you send out will be viewable until the subscription end date. Thereafter, you would need to renew your subscription.

In Account Settings, under Payment Information you can update your credit card.

You can change your username in Account Settings to any available username. (Go Pro Productions reserves the right to invalidate any username choice for any reason, including but not limited to trademarks.)

A feature of RiseMovie.com is to allow the public to access a subset of your profile. You are able to choose which fields the Public can see. These can be all the fields that Prospects see or fewer fields depending on what you choose to make public. Please understand that anything you choose to put in your public profile is subject to being widely distributed. If you do not want the general public to see information, do not select it for your public profile. To activate your public profile, go to Profile and select which data you want to be Public. By choosing Public you are activating: risemovie.com/chadporter. You will be prompted that any information you make Public will be visible to the public, and that Go Pro Productions, LLC needs confirmation that you understand this. Typing “yes” and clicking “Confirm” button means you are making the choice and take sole responsibility for publishing the data you make Public on: risemovie.com/chadporter.

If you or a Prospect can't see an email you are expecting, check in the spam folder. Be sure to mark it as Not Spam.

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